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Which VR Headset Should You Get?


Which VR Headset Should You Get? | (Full Specs Comparison) Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive vs PS VR


Oh god, this is awesome. Jesus it’s going sorry I just got so freak in hooked this thing is just lost track of time and there it goes and that mental thought so I just thought of going to get any better than this and obviously it can but as I mentioned the last video you gotta pay a pretty penny.

Look I understand my last video I was talking about all yeah BR as expensive as shit blah blah and you know I’m more than happy to stay with this thing but it’s not the true be our experience on the wrong things great it’s just yeah missing features and honestly the immersion can get so much so much stronger than this.

Well, that’s the question then you’re in the market for a new BR or not new but you’re in the market for a VR helmet which one should you get and why.

So essentially this video I’m going to be doing is generally at the specification in the facts of you know the big top three BR helmets that are you know coming on the market very soon and yes I say big top three I understand as a bunch of other ones but HTC VIVE the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR are essentially the big frontrunners in this whole grand. You know race so and yeah I’m not including Collins because it’s a are different talk about VR right now I understand it seems cool to have like the minority report type of situation but they are is still very different than B are going out there also by no means am I trying to sway you by no means I’m trying to say oh this one’s better. In this kit, I’m just laying out the facts I’m just laying out all the things the specifications all the specs everything out there just so you can make your own decisions.

Your big boys and your big girls not trying to do and I don’t benefit from that.

Let’s start with the HTC vive currently the most expensive one at seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars.
I’ve already made a video in the past you know blah blah whatever the display resolution right now is at 21 60 x 1200 and that’s about 1080 x 1200 each I the field of view is approximately 210 degrees and the refresh rate is 90 hertz which allows up to 90 frames per second in any video game.

Now the minimum requirements for the HTC vive to run perfectly in the system are in the video gtx 970 or AMD r9 290 also it should have an intel i5 45 90 or AMD fx-8350 processor with at least four gigabytes of ram a 1.4 HDMI port or newer or a 1.2 DisplayPort also your rig should at least have one USB two.

Also you can check your PC compatible by simply going on to steam and they actually have like this performance tests they can actually check if your computer is actually up to snub and you actually could run well or at least decent enough to you qualify of I’ve now cool thing included with HTC vibe is like three and one connector box essentially when you connect this to HDMI the USB and the power to this box and you connect it right to your PC. So it’s just fewer wires less hassle it is all connected this one little box and it’s very very convenient.

The sensors include an accelerometer and a gyroscope built into the helmet and a front facing camera using laser sensors also yes any make a correction for the move on yes in my past video I did say oh maybe they’re giving us two controllers what I do too casual I understand it’s my fault. I didn’t research deeper into it there are two special controllers one for each hand specifically made for the vibe. I was under the impression that there were two Xbox one controllers I’m an idiot I’m sorry my bad regardless of that let’s keep going.

Now these laser sensors or how they called base stations are these two huge sensors that you put on each side of the room and what they recommend is the room to be at least 15 feet by 15 feet that alone is already a pretty big room so essentially the bigger drive for the HTC vive is actually well the more 360 experience because the base station. It means you can actually get up you guys you walk around and will react to like your movements will react to the controller’s moving with your hands will actually move in game so this one is more like it, you know get up and move around kind of experience which is honestly great but for the price well it shows in the price alright.

So now let’s move on to the Oculus Rift now the RIP is retailing for 599 now the display resolution is the same as the HTC vive 1080 x 1200 / I and 2160 x 1200 in all again the same kind of field of view
approximately about 210 degrees the same refresh rate the same system requirements but this one does require more ram at least eight gigabytes a 1.3 HDMI output and at least two USB 3 ports now the oculus rift has an accelerometer and gyroscope built-in just like the HTC five and the way the oculus rift tracks your head movements is through a tracking sensor array that uses a magnetometer that’s built into the headset itself.

Now unlike the HTC five the control that it comes with is an Xbox one controller now here’s the Oculus Rift differs from the HTC five in this case like unlike the ace’s eve i hope it has a base station all across your pretty much tracking your movements from a huge area this one’s only tracking your movements from pretty much directly in front of you so the oculus rift is more like at least I don’t know the experience is more like you resting you sitting down in front of your computer or like sitting on the chair and everything is being done at but with you sitting down. This is why the controller is not too very lucrative like separate hand controllers it’s just an Xbox one controller so whereas some people might see a problem.

In this most the time this is actually where most people see themselves in VR just constant kicking back sitting down in a chair and just trying to enjoy the experience just sitting down because some people i mean don’t be wrong but not everyone wants to get up and move around on their gaming I mean that’s kind of one of the big draws of why motion control kinda failed but regardless let’s move on to the PlayStation VR now this one is by far the cheapest of all three of them retailing at three benign but there are reasons for this first and foremost the display resolution is lower than the oculus rift and HTC vive running a 960 x 1080 / I and 1920 x 1080 overall the field of view is around the same approximately about a hundred degrees but here’s one feature that actually has over the oculus with the HTC vive the max refresh rate whereas the rift in the HTC vive locked at 90 Hertz the PlayStation VR supports 90 Hertz and a hundred and twenty Hertz.

So overall this just provides a smoother experience although to the naked eye 90 Hertz and a hundred twenty Hertz is very hard to differentiate so we’ll see if this is actually you know something that actually benefits it now another huge difference is the system requirements. Whereas the vibe in the Rift require you to have a certain PC it only requires you to have a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation camera now the sensor is very similar to the rift are an accelerometer and gyroscope and a magnetometer with the PlayStation camera acting as the sensor that tracks your movements so essentially the PlayStation VR actually reacts to light and it uses that to track your movements and honestly this is actually really cool because it provides the possibility of actually using both play styles that I mentioned before with the HTC vive and the oculus rift with the rift um pretty much you know you’d be sitting down playing with the control of the controller but since you know picks up the light bar on the controller you can move around your controller and it will react to it so you can still be sitting down and you still be moving your hands around but overall you also have a sitting down experience or if you prefer a much more than the physical experience you can use the PlayStation Move controllers so yeah essentially that’s all the facts and all the specifications of all three of the ER helmets.

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