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TykeToter – The Most Interactive Child Bike Seat

The Tyke Toter really is the most interactive child’s bike seat on the market. I especially love how my daughter is right there in front of me, right between my arms. It really makes us both feel secure and it turns the bike ride into this truly fun experience that we share together. I was amazed the first time I tried it out how easy it was to ride it. My daughter just loves having her own handlebars to hold on to and her own seat…and of course with the foot-peg, there’s a secure place for her to rest her feet. She just starts talking and singing and telling me what’s up ahead. She’ll point to things as we ride by and she’s just excited the whole time we’re riding. It’s amazing because before in the trailer she would start complaining and crying after just a few minutes.

And now we can go for a long time, and when we’re done she still wants to go again! The design of the Tyke Toter is so simple, and the whole thing is so easily adjustable to where she’s comfortable. I’m just impressed with the whole idea of the Tyke Toter because it gives the child this feeling of freedom, of being a part of the ride. It’s like they feel like they are the driver, not just a passenger. The other thing I LOVE about the Tyke Toter itself is how easy it is to use, to install it, to remove it. It’s made to fit any bike, we take it off my bike and my husband sticks it on his bike. It has a quick-release lever where it attaches to the seat post so it’s fast and simple, even on the first use. And then the foot-peg just attaches to the down-tube using Velcro straps. So where I like to go biking on my own as well, it’s just nice because I don’t have to have it on my bike since it’s just so easy to take off.

There’s no bolts or hardware left on my bike. It’s just so simple and sturdy and it’s really fun! I don’t know who enjoys it more, me or my daughter. The price also is very reasonable. You know, we’ll go spend that much all the time filling up at the pump or just taking the family out to dinner and a movie. It just makes me sick because those things don’t last. But this is a one-time expense for an active, outdoor, fun, bonding experience that can be repeatedly used over and over for years to come.

And the Tyke Toter comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a high-quality product, and I recommend it to everyone with young kids and a bike..

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