Top 6 Small Chainsaws Reviewed
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Top 6 Small Chainsaws Reviewed

The Best Small Chainsaws For Homeowners reviewed.

The best small battery-powered chainsaws for homeowners. This review is for you if you need a small chainsaw that can be handled by anybody. The saws in this review are practical for pruning trimming cutting firewood home improvement projects. For felling small trees you’ll have to consider the power source weight and durability of the machine before buying it. We will help you find the perfect saw for your needs to make this top six of the best small chainsaws we have analyzed. Five thousand three hundred seventy customer reviews and looked through 25 products. You will find below all the links to the products shown in this review.

Number six on the list is the Eco power plus 56-volt battery chainsaw. This model has a high-efficiency brushless motor that runs at 6300 r.p.m it will give you up to 100 cuts per charge and is fast at recharging. This saw is durable and powerful for a battery-powered model. It comes with a 14 inches Oregon bar and chain the weather-resistant construction of this saw makes it great for most outdoor jobs. It has a chain kickback brake for added safety and control. Here’s what customers write in reviews that they like about its powerful and battery lasting amazed with the 56-volt battery and here are the most common negative customer reviews my only problem is that the chained is loosened too often. If you are looking for an alternative to a gas-powered model that is easy to start and handle and has the excellent cutting ability the Eco Power Plus is a great choice especially if you already have other 56 volt Eco tools in your collection. If you are looking for an ultralight or very low budget saw this one might not be for you. A new eco power plus cordless chainsaw will cost you two hundred ninety-one dollars.

Number five Remington RM one four to five lemon trim corded electric chainsaw at just over six pounds. The compact easy to wield design of the Remington is perfectly suited for small limb trimming needs it has an 8 amp electric motor that will cut through small branches or saplings. On this model, there is no automatic oiler so you will have to use the push-button oiler to lubricate the 14-inch low kickback bar this model does not have tool-free chain tension adjustment. Customers like the Remington limb and trim saba cos it is a great little limb trimmer worth the price and then some it’s lightweight and easy to control compared to every gas-powered chainsaw. I’ve used and some customers were unsatisfied with the following it feels a little weird because it’s lightweight the rm1 four to five is great if you need a really low-priced compact chainsaw for occasional use and you don’t mind cleaning and maintaining it from time to time. You should not buy it if you are looking for a high-quality saw or need to do some heavy-duty cutting on a regular basis. You can get the Remington limb and trim corded electric chainsaw for $42.

Number four CS 310 14 inches gas chainsaw from echo this model has an anti-vibration handle and an automatic chain oiling system. The engine displacement is thirty point five CC it is produced in Japan but a high-quality product for the price many of the users that have reviewed this say the saw is easy to maneuver and pretty quiet this thing being the price it is well worth it few customers found that the saw is not easy when it comes to tightening the chain. This saw is great if you are looking for a good quality small high-performing gas-powered chainsaw it is a bit heavy and you will need to do some maintenance on it now and then. Price of the CS 310 14-inches gas chainsaw from echo as $192.

Number three cordless chainsaw kit from DeWalt the DeWalt has a low kickback 12 inches Oregon bar and chain. It has a high-efficiency brushless motor that maximizes runtime and motor life. The tool-free chain tensioning system and bar tightening knob ensure an easy and proper bar clamping force. This model has a compact and lightweight design at only eight-point eight pounds this gives you maximum user control in comfort. It is part of the 20 volts max system of tools from Dewalt so the battery can be used in other equipment from this series. These are the top things customers are saying about the cordless chainsaw kit from developed the battery typically outlasts me and I’m so happy not having to deal with gas and oil. I’ve used it to cut up trees of up to roughly nine inches or ten inches in diameter. Only a very few customers had problems with them my only complaints are that it is difficult to open the oil cap for the bar and you have to drain the bar oil after use or the unit will leak. If you are looking for a well-designed small lightweight and well-balanced saw with the excellent cutting ability the DeWalt is for you this saw will give you a good amount of working time and you probably won’t find a chainsaw that is smaller and lighter than the comp little Dewalt 6-2 op1. If you don’t already own other products in a 20-volt tool series from Dewalt and want to do a lot of cutting you might need to buy an extra battery which is quite expensive you can get the cordless chainsaw kit from Dewalt for $188.

Number two Black & Decker cordless chainsaw. This 12 inches saw from Black & Decker comes with a 40-volt max lithium-ion battery for longer runtime and overall life. The 12 inches premium bar and chain is automatically oiled with the auto oiling system it has tool-free chain tensioning for quick and easy chain adjustments this saw will give up to 60 cuts on average for a single charge and it has a full wraparound handle for comfortable cutting in different orientations. Customers who bought these liked that lightweight low noise easy to handle and cut cleanly. I was somewhat skeptical of getting a battery-powered chainsaw but this thing is very impressive battery charge is fast too and some customers had problems with okay for trimming shrubs but not enough power for more than a four inches tree. If you are a first-time chainsaw user and need a lightweight saw that is easy to handle start and maintain then the Black & Decker LCS 1 to 400 will be a great choice for you. If you are looking for a high-quality robust saw or need to do more than light-duty work then this saw is not for you. The price of the black & decker 12 inches cordless chainsaw is $169.

Number one on the list is the Makita XCUo2PT 36 volts cordless chainsaw kit. The Makita built motor in this model delivers a chain speed of 1,650 fpm for faster cutting. It is powered by two 18 volts LXT lithium-ion batteries it has low noise levels at only 87 DBA. Comes with a 12 inches guide bar and has tool-free chain adjustment for convenient operation and maintenance. Here are the top reasons why customers like the Makita cordless 12 inches chain saw: Truly a workhorse with good 5.0 amp batteries it’s kind of shocking how well this cuts in its superior ergonomics lightweight cut very well and the batteries last a long time. If you are looking for a chainsaw and already own power tools from Makita’s 18-volt platform this saw is a great option. It is reliable and easy to operate plus it is solidly constructed powerful and has charging batteries. This is not a budget chainsaw and will cost you three hundred nineteen dollars but then you also get two expensive 18-volt batteries in a dual charger. You can find a link to it below.

#1 Makita XCU02PT 36V Cordless 12″ Chain Saw Kit: 

#2 BLACK & DECKER Cordless Chainsaw: 

#3 Cordless Chainsaw Kit from DEWALT: 

#4 14 In. Gas Chain Saw from ECHO: 

#5 Remington RM1035 Corded Electric Chainsaw:

#6 EGO Power+ 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw:

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